Audition info for 2021-2022 competition team

Audition Resume
Print and attach to back of 4x6 picture and bring to June try outs. Only one copy needed, 2 here for the sisters :)
Microsoft Word document [16.4 KB]

June 1st - 4th @ AED Draper


Schedule: TBD but will be after school hours as we are aware many are still in session.

June 1st:

June 2nd:

June 3rd:

June 4th: reserved for callbacks if needed


Dancers must be registered in order to attend try outs. To be added to our try out list, add the "Attending Try Outs" class (listed on a Saturday) at the desired studio location. The 3-4 day audition fee is $15 and will be in your cart at checkout. Registration fees are explained on the "Registration and Rates" page, along with the link to create an account. If a dancer is not chosen for a team and decides to not continue with AED then registration fees are refundable. If a dancer does make an AED team but chooses not to accept, fees are not refundable as we spend countless hours with try outs & placement; and they may have taken someone else's spot.
Dancers may wear any form fitting clothing; hair pulled back, and wear proper shoes necessary for dancing. Group 3, we request to be barefoot.
Learning Audition Combo:
Try out routine links will be online by May 24th to learn at home, therefore we are able to save time for all and also allow more time for the dancers to prepare. The try out combo will be judged on proper technique, style, performance, musicality and overall execution.
Group 1 Links: 
Group 2 Links:
Group 3 Links: 
Try out Process:
Dancer will arrive 10-15 min prior to audition time to check in. Check in will be to verify dancer is registered and to turn in resume/photo. The Resume and picture should not exceed a 4x6 size please. Dancer will proceed inside studio to warm up, technique try out (similar to a jazz class), and audition the combo in groups. Auditions are closed to help keep everyone as calm as possible, the less eyes watching the better.
Staff spends numerous hours, late nights/early mornings ;) determining placement. We take it very seriously as it is a year of your child's life and a big commitment for all. Results will be posted/emailed out by June 15th. You will receive a company packet by email FULL of info you'll need (required camp times will be found there as we don't know times until try outs resume)
Determining Group to attend:
With so many different ages/levels of experience, dividing into proper groups is tricky without having 6 groups and 2 weeks to do so. We realize there will be some dancers needing to attend a different try out then their age group listed below. Use your best judgement.
Required Skills: (estimated ages)
Group 1, ages 5-9: Intermediate (single pirouettes, leaps, chaine turns, pique turns, side leaps, splits)
Group 2, ages 9-12: Intermediate (double pirouettes, split leaps, chaine and pique turns, side leaps, splits, 2-4 fouette turns)
Group 3, ages 12+: Advanced (triple/quad + pirouettes, split leaps, advanced leaps/jumps, advanced turn combos, super splits, must have ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and tumbling skills)
***Those dancers who are currently participating on a high school team such as cheer, dance company, or drill team are allowed to audition for our high school teams (Jr. Academy/Sr. Academy). These teams have lower hours than our other competition teams and work around the dancers rehearsal schedules at school the best we can. Our high school teams are selected by audition and not guaranteed all dancers auditioning will be placed on the team just because you dance on a high school team. Technique only (open non performing classes) options will also be available for those HS dancers.
Still have questions, give us a call or shoot us an email :)
*Parent meeting: Parents need to attend ONE of the meetings offered (both held at Draper) . We will be discussing what's required for the season, the differences of each team/level, summer choreography camps, and more. Dates TBA

Main office: 801-571-0281

Draper Studio:

11503 S. 700 E.

Riverton Studio:

3926 W. Innovation Dr. 

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