2020-2021 Team auditions

Each dancer will need to bring a completed resume to auditions attached their picture.
AED RESUME 2020.docx
Microsoft Word document [16.4 KB]


We plan to hold auditions June 5th - 6th, callbacks June 12th - 13th.

All at the Draper location.



Dancers will be assigned 30 min slots in small groups. Upon arrival dancers will check in, warm up, then proceed to technique and choreograpy in front of the judges/instructors. Try outs are for both locations are being held at Draper studio this year.

Registering/Paying: Dancers must be registered in order to attend try outs. To be added to our try out list, add the "Attending Try Outs" class (listed on a Saturday) at the Draper studio location. The audition fee is $15 and will be in your cart at checkout. Registration fees are explained on the "Registration and Rates" page, along with the link to create an account. If a dancer is not chosen for a team and decides to not continue with AED then registration fees are refundable. If a dancer does make an AED team but chooses not to accept, fees are not refundable as we spend countless hours with try outs, placement, and they may have taken someone else's spot.

Attire: Dancers may wear any form fitting clothing; hair pulled back, and wear proper shoes necessary for dancing. Advanced/Academy dancers; we request to be barefoot.

Learning Technique & Audition Combo: Try out combos will be online (linked below by 5/31) to learn at home, therefore we are able to save time for all and also allow less stressful for the dancers. The try out combos will be judged on proper technique, style, performance, musicality and overall execution.


Outline of each Program (Pre/Preps, Company, Academy):

Pre-Company Program Requirements:
3-4 hours of Ballet and Jazz a week, hip hop is optional
Winter Company Recital (Dec)
2 competitions:  Thanksgiving Point  (last weekend of February) and Lagoon Nationals (first weekend of May)
Company Showcase (May)
Spring Recital (May)

Company Program Requirements:
4-8 hrs a week
Winter Company Recital
4 competitions
Company Showcase
Spring Recital

Academy Program Requirements:
10-14 hrs a week
Winter Company Recital
2 Conventions
4-5 Competitions
Company Showcase
Spring Recital


Main office: 801-571-0281

Draper Studio:

11503 S. 700 E.

Riverton Studio:

3926 W. Innovation Dr. 

Like us on Facebook (American Expression of Dance) and Instagram (@AEDdancestudio)

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