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We are thrilled to announce AED Dance Studio will be performing in the Arts for Autism Benefit Concert,  April 12.  This show is usually performed in NYC at the Gershwin Theater, but due to Covid and Broadway being closed, the show will be virutal this year.  Join us for a wonderful evening in support of Autism education and inclusion.  We were given the privilege of performing in this virtual concert with some of our favortie Broadway Stars.  It will definitely be a wonderful show full of memorable performances, as well as, love and support for those in the Autism community.   We hope you can join us!   There is no charge for tickets this year.







  • No Parents will be allowed in the studio to watch to minimize numbers in the building.  Please call or email with questions this year, to minimize the number of people in the waiting rooms.  Please only enter the building if you need to purchase dance wear from the dance wear store.  Please observe social distancing.   Floor markers are available to assist with social distancing. 
  • Please send dancers with a water bottle labeled with their name (no drinking fountain use will be allowed), have them use the bathroom before coming to dance (bathroom use will only be for emergencies), and wash hands before coming to dance.  Please do not send personal items.   Just dance shoes and hand sanitizer for your dancer’s use after class. Dance bags are allowed.
  • When picking up dancers, please wait in your car.  Do not park, at Draper,  at the building to the North.  The parking lot for AED wraps around the building to the South.  Please use these spaces, as well as the spaces in the front of the parking lot.   Please do not wait in the parking lot for the entire class.  We need the spots available for drop of and pick up only.    Riverton,  please use the front parking stalls for drop of and pick up only.  Do not wait in your car in these spots during class time. 
  • Please take dancers temperature at home before sending to class.  No fevers, cough, running/stuffy nose, sore throat, aches, chills etc. are allowed.  Students will be sent home immediately. If student have had these symptoms, do not send to class until 7 days after all symptoms have subsided. No lingering coughs are allowed.  If you have been exposed or possibly exposed to Covid-19, we ask you to not attend classes for the 14 days quarantine period, even if you are symptom free.     We would rather air on the side of overly cautious, in protection of our students and staff.   If your child is immune compromised or has other underlying health concerns, please call in to see what options we have for you this season. 
  • In addition to Covid-19, Flu, Strep Throat Symptoms.   Do NOT send your child with the following contagious viruses:  PINK EYE, OR  MOLLUSCUM.   These are also very contagious and spread so easily.    Dancers will be sent home immediately. 
  • We will be adding zoom recordings to our curriculum for makeup classes when ill, to provide a safe in studio environment as well as continue training at home, for those healing from any illness.  We will not zoom classes live.  We will record one class of each age, level and genre each week.  We will send the link to you for your child to participate when they are able.   All choreography will be filmed and sent out in the Fall and again in the Spring.  Zoom classes will be 40- 45 mins of class technique and then each student will need to go to their specific choreography link to practice routines.   
  • Each class will be shortened by 5 mins for the 2020-2021 season.   This will allow staff to fog each room with our hospital grade disinfectant and sanitze bathrooms between classes.  The fog needs a few minutes, before allowing children in the room.   If your class is an hour,  it will now be 55 mins.  If your class is 1.5 hours it will be  1 hour and 25 mins.  etc.   The last class of each day will be the full time. 
  • Masks must be worn in all waiting rooms as recommended for SL County.   Dancers do not need to wear masks during classes while exercising.   Dancers are welcome to wear a mask if they would like to.  Remind dancers to stand on the Blue markings during classes to help us maintain social distancing. 
  • Dancers must all enter through the main door.  Sanitize hands and have temperature taken.

Thorough cleaning is done between class changes. Fogging, mopping, sanitizing, hand washing. Our disinfectants are hospital grade.   We have done training in order to learn the best way to keep AED safe for all. Staff's temperatures are taken & recorded upon arrival.  


We do our very best to keep AED sanitized.  We ask you be honest and do not attend class if you have been exposed to Covid-19 or have any symptoms.   Everyone needs to their best in order to get life back to normal, as well as, be respectful of others heath as well.   


We look forward to another amazing year.  If we all work together, we can have a wonderful, safe year. 



• Pre-Ballet

• Pre-Ballet & Jazz Combo
• Pre- Ballet, Jazz, & Tumbling Combo
• Jazz
• Ballet
• Hip-Hop
• Boys Hip Hop/Break Dance
• Tumbling/Acro
• Contemporary
• Competitive Dance Teams
• Private Lessons



Draper Location: 11503 S. 700 E. Draper, UT 84020 (801) 571-0281 *AED is located East of Harmon's, next to the Carwash.

Riverton/Herriman Location:  3926 W. Innovation Dr. (13400 South) Riverton, UT 84065 (801) 571-0281 *AED is located behind Tunex next to Bangerter.

About AED:
AED began in January 1994 in Draper and in 2016 we expanded to add a Riverton/Herriman location.  At AED we teach to love the artistry of dance as well as build the technical aspect of the dancer. We feel through building dancers self-confidence through movement, it will also build self-esteem and self-confidence in all areas of their lives.

AED offers competitive and non-competitive programs, both are excellent ways to build your dance technique. We feel having two programs will give you the choice of the time commitment you are able to give to your child's dance instruction.
In our competitive program,  we prepare the dancers for high school programs, collegiate scholarship tryouts and professional auditions. First place trophies are great...but building a technical dancer is our number one priority.

Former Dancers from AED have gone on to be dance teachers, coaches, performers,  and choreographers in LA for top recording artists. We are so proud of their accomplishments. Dancers from AED have also gone on to be lawyers, accountants, school teachers, and mothers.....we are so proud of their accomplishments as well. AED is a home for every dancer regardless of their goal in the art form.

We are very confident in our dance program and offer a free first lesson to all new students.

Please feel free to contact our studio director Charae for more information.

Build your dance technique in a fun, professional environment!

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